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Reach, Engage and Convert

With any demographic, anywhere.

Where customisation meets impact, and engagement is not just a metric, but a promise!

H₂OPE is an innovative targeted offline marketing company.

We connect brands with their target audience using strategically distributed, customized water bottles. Our innovative advertising approach tailors campaigns to business-specific needs, optimizing distribution points and bottle aspects for targeted audience reach and engagement.

About Our Business

Our Distribution Network

The H₂OPE Advantage

Limitations of
Digital Advertising
Limitations of
Offline Advertising
The H₂OPE Method
Reaches your target audience in their hands
High engagement due to receptivity of FREE water
Prelongated engagement with your ad
Subtly, yet effectively promotes your brand
Target anyone, anywhere with our distribution network
Increased conversion ratios
Customised message and CTA
Reduced attention span
Lack of physical touch 
Heavy ads spends / Higher CAC
Tendency to skip ads
Overwhelming amount of ads
Low conversion
Static and non-interactive
Reach cannot be measured
Ad blindness
Cannot target ad effectively

About H₂OPE


Contact H₂OPE and create a campaign where you can choose any of our distribution points or ask our expert consulting team to curate a campaign for your brand. We will design the bottles, produce them and place them in your distribution points, all while collecting and giving your brand real-time anylitical data to help understand and optmise your strategy.

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Partner with us and get Free bottled drinking water for your business. Unlock a permium experience for your customers all while saving money!

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